Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ah the weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had an eventful one to say the least.
Friday I took Chris to work and then drove to McConnell AFB to do the grocery shopping at the base commissary. All went off without event, until I was heading home and started to exit off I-135 when the timing belt went out on the car. Suddenly the car just stopped and I couldn't get it to start again. So I called 911 who put me through to the Highway Patrol then I called AAA for towing service. My biggest concerns were A) I was on the off ramp and people weren't paying attention to my hazard signals. It worried me that they would rear end me. And B) and more importantly - I had Beka in the car with me. AHHHHH! I was very relieved when the Highway Patrol came and parked behind me. It took an hour and 20 minutes for the tow truck to make it to us - so I was glad I had the backup there.

So the blessing in all of this, is that Chris's Grandma Dorothy Neal used to have a car just like our old Acclaim and so he knew how to fix it. Did you know that a timing belt is usually only $30 - $40 to purchase - it is the labor costs that get you when you have a mechanic do it? I didn't know this, so Praise God, Chris not only fixed it, but it didn't cost us a fortune. He also has changed the master cylinder and is going to replace the brake pads on the car. Oh, yes I forgot to mention this is Mom's old Plymouth Acclaim. Sadly, this car works better for us than the Chrysler LHS (it's a 99) we purchase last winter. I think Chris is seriously regretting purchasing it now. It's kind of a gas guzzler and the irony in that is that he traded in his truck so he could save money because the truck was a gas guzzler!!!!!

Other than all of this, we are doing fine. Beka has diaper rash, but it isn't really anything that a few days with Desitin can't fix. Sarah and Elizabeth did very well this weekend - i.e. they got along. That is almost miraculous within itself.

I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,